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Waterfront Barne Barton - 2017

“A not-quite-public place called The Ledge: a stone, waterfront ledge in Barne Barton, nestled between the old stone gate of an MOD barracks and a creek at the peninsula’s edge. …

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Roberts Road & Poole Park Road - 2016

Images copyright of Fotonow CIC © 2016

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The Workers by Balazs Turos - 2013

Photographer Balazs Turos worked with Fotonow CIC on an Erasmus Internship in 2014 and documented the workers building the MVV waste to energy plant. His series The Workers was made …

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Building of MVV power plant - 2012

A Fotonow led youth project visited MVV construction site in 2012 to see the combined heat & power plant close up. images copyright Fotonow CIC © 2012

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Day in the life of a housing manager - 2009

We were sent a link to a really lovely article from 2009, conveying life in Barne Barton and also a mention of Melv Chislett, recently interviewed for The Island Stories), …

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The Barn Playscheme 1994 - 1994

A photo from the collection of Kathy Cotton, Youth Worker in Barne Barton.  Kathy’s photos document a timeline and history of youth and community work in the area.

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Memories of working for the MoD in Barne Barton circa 1988 by Paul Rowse - 1988

Paul Rowse, Devonport Naval Heritage Centre Researcher and former Devonport Dockyard worker recounts the months he spent working at Roope Close Barne Barton. Click here to read the full account  …

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‘Sabotage’, punk, the farmhouse Barne Barton, St Budeaux 1970s - 1977

Thank you to Mark Davis for giving his permission to share these photos of his punk bank Sabotage, playing their first gig at the farmhouse youth club. Mark and his …

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“Homes with a view at St Budeaux” - 1968

This edition of the Navy News, October 1968, looks at life for naval families on the estate, which it describes as “..among the largest and longest established in the Navy …

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Building Barne Barton - 1965

Royal Naval Family Union - 1963

Images courtesy of The Box, Plymouth copyright The Herald

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Last ferry crossing from Saltash over the Tamar River 1961 - 1961

Last ferry crossing from Saltash 1961.

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Bull Point Ratings Housing Estate - 1956

Bull Point Ratings Housing Estate – St Budeaux Site. Plans ‘Received by the Admiralty’ 1956 Plans submitted to the Admiralty 1956 to build 180 houses and 270 flats on St …

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Wilkinson Road - 1953

Bought on eBay by Fotonow CIC in 2018, the seller told us “The slides were bought many years ago, in Adelaide, South Australia, where I lived for 46 years. The …

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Ordnance Survey map - 1947

A map from 1947 with copyright to the National Library of Scotland.

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Ordnance Survey map - 1946

Map from National Library of Scotland, showing Devon and Cornwall boundaries as surveyed in the 1930s.

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Emmeline Pankhurst arrested and brought to Bull Point Barracks - 1913

Emmeline Pankhurst is well known as the leader of the Suffragette movement, but her connection with and arrest in Bull Point, Plymouth in 1913 is less well known. Derek Tait …

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Map - 1896

A parish map from 1896 © National Library of Scotland

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Royal Albert Bridge - 1893

A lovely find in an old book ‘Rivers in Devon: From Source to Sea’ (Seeley & Co Ltd, London, 1893) the imposing Royal Albert Bridge at Saltash, drawn by A. Ansted, …

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Local parish map - 1889

With thanks to The National Library of Scotland (all rights reserved) we have this wonderful map from 1889 showing Barne Farm in the St Budeaux parish. You can see Barne Barton is …

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The Hulks in Hamoaze and Royal Albert Bridge - 1868

The hulks in Hamoaze, with the Royal Albert Bridge in the background (Plymouth) from scan of illustration from the journal ‘The Graphic’, volume XVII, no 433, March 16, 1878.

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Early parish map - 1863

Early St Budeaux parish map from 1854-1863.

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